Environmental Performance Criteria 2.1

Labs21 Environmental Performance Criteria - UK version

The Labs21 Environmental Performance Criteria (EPC) is a rating system for use by laboratory building project stakeholders to assess the environmental performance of laboratory facilities. The EPC leverages and builds on the U.S. Green Building Council's widely used LEED™ Rating System, extending it to set appropriate and specific requirements for laboratories.

The LEED™ Rating System comprises a number of required measures (prerequisites) and optional measures (credits) for different types of buildings. If all the requirements are satisfied and a certain number of credit points are obtained and certified by LEED™, a building can obtain a rating of silver, gold or platinum. Many laboratories in the US use the LEED™ Rating System in the design and construction process, and have obtained silver or gold ratings accordingly.

The US Labs21 EPC only contains additional credits (over and above LEED™ credits) and modifications to LEED™ credits that are specific to laboratories. General LEED™ credits and requirements that are not specific to laboratories are assumed to be unaltered.

The UK Labs21 EPC available on this site comprises:

1. The specific laboratory credits based on the US EPC and lightly adapted for the UK.
2. The general LEED™ building credits based on LEED for New Construction and Major Refurbishment version 2.2, lightly adapted for the UK.

Please note these are guidance documents that indicate the main issues affecting laboratory environmental performance, suggest performance targets (over and above regulatory standards) and recommend technologies and strategies to improve performance. UK Labs21 has adapted these where possible to make them more applicable to a UK audience, but in cases where there is no analogous UK guidance, the US guidance has been retained for reference.

Both the US and UK versions of the EPC are public domain documents that are available for anyone to use as they see fit. Neither the US nor UK Labs21 UK provide a project certification process.

The UK EPC is available in the following formats. Please note that the content is still in a process of being adapted for UK conditions and therefore the current versions are draft only.

View the UK EPC on-line
Download the UK EPC printable version

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