Construction inspection

After equipment submittals have been reviewed, the next step in the commissioning process is to verify that the system is installed according to the bid-set documents, including plans and specifications. All too often, specifications are conveniently overlooked during construction. This is unfortunate because much valuable information in the specifications simplifies a contractor's work. The verification of proper equipment installation is very important in a laboratory facility so that incorrect installation can be ruled out as a cause of equipment failures, which typically result from incorrect usage or procedures by personnel who work in the laboratory. Major failures are rarely related to inadequate equipment performance or incorrect equipment design or selection. Therefore, both pre- and post-installation inspections should be conducted to confirm correct installation. [Flaherty and Gracilieri, 1994; Farquharson, 1988; Measurement and Verification (M&V) Guidelines for Federal Energy Projects, 1996]

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