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Labs21 UK has been established by HEEPI to support more sustainable design and operation of laboratories in Britain. It draws, with permission, on the experience and materials of the Labs21 initiative in the USA.



Sustainable Labs Events
A one day workshop: Making Laboratories and Data Centres More Sustainable, Best Practice in Europe and North America, will be held at the University of Luxembourg on 5 March 2009. Click here for details.

Sustainable Labs events were held at K.U.Leuven, Belgium on 23 April 2007 and the University of Warwick on 26 April 2007. Click here for presentations from the Leuven event. Click here for presentations from the Warwick event and click here for a workshop summary report with laboratory benchmarks and click here for a custom essay writing help.

UK Position Paper
Labs21 UK has produced a Position Paper which summarises the main lessons for UK labs based on US Labs21 experience. This is based on three events which took place in September 2006:

Conference on High Performance Buildings, University of Glasgow, featuring the Cardiovascular and Biomedical Research Centre and other Award-winning laboratories.

Designing Sustainable Laboratories, a one day, 'hands on', specialist training course at the University of Leeds.

Creating Sustainable Laboratories, a workshop in Central London.

Labs 21 US Conference
The Labs21 2008 Annual Conference took place September 16-18 in San Jose, California. The keynote speakers were:

  • Dr. Marcia McNutt, President and CEO of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
  • Dr. Chris Field, Director of the Department of Global Ecology, Stanford University

UK presentations at the conference can be found here.

US Training Courses
Attend a Labs 21 US workshop in 2008! The training schedule can be found here.




Our Partners
Labs21 UK is based on an American initiative led by the Environment Protection Agency and Department of Energy, and with a number of American partners and International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories.

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